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We want to make your GDPR compliance practical and uncomplicated, so we are offering a user-friendly online solution, consultancy services and quality assurance.

The GDPR Portal

- your digital toolbox

The GDPR Portal is the General Data Protection Regulation put into practice. A digital toolbox with instruments for mapping, inspections, risk assessment, analyses and documentation. The Portal guides you through the process, or you can choose to consult our experts.

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In addition to the GDPR Portal we offer you tailored industry solutions and modules for e-learning and for automatic inspection of data processors.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services include implementation assistance, acting as appointed Data Protection Officer, and providing awareness training.

Quality assurance

We issue GDPR compliance assurance reports, we conduct full GDPR compliance audits, and run defined compliance checks.

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And let us uncomplicate your compliance.

More than 500 companies and organizations use the GDPR Portal


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