The GDPR Portal

- Save time and resources

The GDPR Portal is the General Data Protection Regulation put into practice. A digital toolbox with instruments for mapping, controls, risk assessment, analyses and documentation. You can let the Portal guide you through the process, or you can consult with our experts.

Are you preparing to tackle GDPR, or did you already navigate safely through the implementation phase and have now turned your attention to maintenance? In both cases the GDPR Portal saves you time and valuable resources. We have strived to make the Portal user-friendly and easily accessible without compromising professionalism and legal content.


Easy mapping of work processes, data processors and IT systems

Drafts for policies and procedures

Drafts for employee handbook, non-disclosure agreements and consent forms

Module for risk assessment of data assets and processing activities

Inspection module with annual wheels for periodic checks

Gap analyses

Work from a central hub with an unlimited number of users

Upload your files to the GDPR Portal and receive read receipts

Manage access rights for individual users or by predefined roles

Manuals, help tools and checklists

Complimentary technical and GDPR helpline

Free assistance at your first inspection by the Data Protection Agency

Premium module for e-learning and awareness training

Separate overview and documentation of activities relating to inspections of data processors

Continually updated

The GDPR Portal is continually updated with the latest compliance guidelines and legislation, and we frequently enhance the user interface and add functions – quite often as a result of meetings and conversations with clients.

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Tailored to your industry

We offer the GDPR Portal with industry solutions for e.g. housing and real estate organisations, contractors, dentists, business schools, retailers, architects, surveyors and accountants.

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