Have you been asked for an assurance report?

At PersondataSupport, we find that our corporate customers are increasingly demanding independent documentation that they comply with the requirements of data processing agreements. In order to meet this demand and offer competitively priced ISAE 3000 assurance reports we have joined forces with an independent accounting firm. An assurance report is an efficient way of building trust with customers and business partners, and at the same time addressing GDPR inspection requirements.

The independent auditor’s ISAE 3000 assurance report on personal data and data processing has been developed in a collaboration between FSR - Danish Auditors and the Danish DPA.


If your goal is a blue-stamp of your company's data processing and documentation that you comply with the GDPR and the Danish Personal Data Act, it obviously requires that the basic work is done. You must have procedures, systems and controls in place before an auditor's report becomes relevant.

We usually talk about a maturation process prior to the report work itself, and typically the groundwork or preparation will include our assistance for GDPR implementation and for awareness training of your employees.

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