Are you a data protection officer or compliance manager

  • in a company with subsidiaries?
  • in a national organization with local branches?
  • in an IT operating community for educational institutions?
  • in a management company for housing associations?
  • in an administrative services company for utilities?

The PersondataSupport Group Portal gives you a comprehensive overview and the ability to simultaneously update e.g. mapping, controls, policies and analyzes for all or selected subsidiaries and members. You can upload files, receive read receipts and continuously communicate with users.

Typically, individual subsidiaries, affiliates or branches are granted write access to their own GDPR records, while you have administrative access to all GDPR accounts across the group or organization.

We hereby accommodate the wish of many of our GDPR clients who have requested the opportunity to make identical registrations more quickly for multiple companies or members.

Call us at +45 8844 0808 and let us uncomplicate your compliance.


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