Module for automatic inspection of data processors

PersondataSupport has developed an inspection module as a premium add-on for the GDPR Portal, enabling you to automatically perform periodic data processor inspections. Your data processors will receive a request from your GDPR Portal to upload their documentation for the appropriate technical and organisational security measures in place to safeguard personal data.

Documentation can be an assurance report, a certification or a completed questionnaire. We have included a convenient questionnaire template - giving you the option of adding more questions.

This inspection module is particularly relevant for businesses with several data processors.

Your benefits

Your data processor inspections are automated

You save valuable time on data processor inspections and reminders

You centralise your documentation of data processor inspections

You strengthen your communication and your management of data processors

Why inspect data processors?

The Danish Data Protection Agency states, that the data controller has a responsibility to continually make certain that the data processor adheres to the instructions given by the data controller, and that sufficient security measures are in place with the data processor. Merely having your data processor sign a data processing agreement - and then taking no further action - will consequently not suffice.

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