Why a compliance check?

Did your company navigate unassisted through the practical implementation phase of the General Data Protection Regulation? And would you like assurance that you have docked safely and are able to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR?


Compliance check by e-mail, including feedback with gap analysis DKK 1.995 ex VAT
Same as above – but we come to your office DKK 3.995 ex VAT

What is included in a compliance check?

We review your records of processing activities; your policies and procedures for processing personal data; your information security policy; your data processing agreements; your contingency plan; your assesment of general IT security, et cetera.

Be aware that concluding the implementation phase does not mean GDPR compliance is a task completed. According to the Data Protection Authorities, your company is expected to continually monitor and regularly review your compliance program. You should also expect your accountant to request compliance documentation for your annual reports.

Call us at +45 8844 0808 and let us uncomplicate your compliance.


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