Are your employees in the right GDPR mode?

The General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 means that corporate managers and business owners face a new set of challenges. One of the most important tasks is mobilizing your staff to act in accordance with a new set of data protection rules.

Being able to document your GDPR staff awareness training can prove quite valuable; it will most definitely improve your position, should you face the Data Protection Authorities following a data breach due to human error.

The PersondataSupport awareness training is targeted employees requiring a basic understanding of how to handle and process personal data.


The PersondataSupport e-learning module provides opportunity to tailor training sessions and accommodate your specific requirements. The quizzes are mailed to your employees, and answers are recorded in your GDPR Portal – an easy way to document your staff awareness training. Create your own quizzes of varying degrees of difficulty, or take your cue from our standard quizzes.

Our e-learning module is particularly well-suited for basic awareness training, and is an effective and resource saving solution.

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If your company prefers a more traditional GDPR training approach, where your staff gets a chance to discuss the subject matter in-depth, we offer to conduct employee workshops and produce conventional teaching resources.

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