The focus of a GDPR audit is to determine whether your company has implemented policies and procedures to regulate the processing of personal data, and whether that processing is carried out in accordance with such policies and procedures.

The benefits of an audit include

Raising awareness of data protection and security

Documenting management’s commitment to the importance of data protection

Independent assurance of data protection policies and practices

Identification of risks and specific recommendations to address them

The PersondataSupport GDPR audit comprises planning and preparing a questionnaire, a one-day audit monitoring visit to your offices, and includes a comprehensive review of:

  • Compliance documentation such as records of processing activities; risk assessments; policies and procedures for processing personal data; privacy policy; data security breach log; consent forms; data processing agreements and inspections
  • The deletion of personal data in files and IT systems
  • Password requirements; access to personal data; deleting former employees
  • Change management procedures – are system changes tested and approved?
  • Procedures for backup and restore, incident response and contingency plan
  • Cybersecurity e.g. staff awareness training; security updates; antivirus software and website security
  • Physical security – are window sills used as archives; are computers locked when employees step out; is your server room adequately protected?

Based on GDPR auditing standards we produce an audit report with compliance gaps and specific recommendations and present it to your company management.


We cooperate with an external supplier to offer you designated vulnerability scans, identifying known vulnerabilities in network devices such as servers. Upon completion of the scan, your company receives a brief review including a risk score for the scanned IT systems.

Pricing starts at DKK 2,500 ex VAT for each scan.

If your company requires a targeted and defined penetration test with for example simulated hacking attacks, our partner will be happy to make you an offer.

Call us at +45 8844 0808 and let us uncomplicate your compliance.


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